About Us

We are a company dedicated to the old-fashioned love of cookie making. A tradition built in home kitchens across the country with your grandmother or in our case our great-grandmother. Saturday was our day for cookie making...it was our tradition. So...it stands to reason that Saturday Cookies became the name of our cookie company. It reminds us of the love that was put into baking cookies every Saturday...except now we bake EVERYDAY! 

Saturday Cookies is committed to the quality that we put into every bake. We use only the best ingredients in our cookies. We only buy the best. But, here's the thing...we only bake 8 cookie flavors! That's it. That's all. And, they are the best.

Occasionally, we will have a special cookie during the holidays. It's likely one of Mama Ida's special recipes that's all involved...if you know what we mean. Those eighteen steps can be very painful, but the result is simply amazing...so once a year we gear up!

Saturday Cookies is led by a fourth generation baker and we are proud to make quality cookies packaged for retail, our in-store bakery and wholesale. Our website contains information about our history, operations and the great eight cookies we bake.

  • The Cookie Commitment

    We are committed to making every cookie with the highest standards of quality, knowing that you will be serving our cookies to your family and friends in your home

We measure our success daily by mixing the freshest ingredients, taking time to remember we are baking for families and friends and understanding that quality counts.  Family owned, each of us is devoted to the art of baking and we take pride in the service we provide every day. Please try our cookies...it would be an honor to bake for you!