Our Cookie Commitment
 Our Cookie Pledge

We pledge to mix and bake the best cookies with the freshest ingredients, to the best of our fourth generation ability.

We pledge to fulfill your orders in a timely fashion and when your guests and events need them.

We pledge honor and integrity in building a company that you will be proud to work with.

We pledge to package cookies in beautiful packaging, simple but elegant and eco-friendly.

We pledge to honor our roots, and remember the Mama Ida way, the best ingredients, with great care just like we would bake for our own family.

We pledge that if we mess it up, we will try, try, try again until you are happy!

We pledge to try and give you the experience of baked cookies, just like Mama Ida gave us every Saturday.
We pledge that when we "rise & fly", we will put a Saturday Cookies near you, so you can take the family on Saturday. Until then, could you please order some cookie pucks and bake them for their benefit, at least until we get there? or order some baked cookies and serve them on saturday, until we get there.

We pledge that if we come up with some policies, we will tell you why the policy is the policy.
And finally, we pledge not to come up with too many polices.